COVID-19 Business Services

COVID-19: Resources for Businesses & Individuals

There are many factors to consider for you and your business in the wake of COVID-19.  As you try to figure this out, know that we’re here to help you with:

  • Cash-Flow Strategy– This includes looking at ways to increase your funds through cashflow, vendor relationships, financing, and all available national resource programs. 
  • Cloud Consulting – Digitize your existing paper financial processes so this critical function can be done from any location with internet access – payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, etc.
  • Communication Strategies– We’ll help you determine what and how to share information with your customers, stakeholders, and employees.
  • Comprehensive Tax Review – The CARES Act has changed the tax outlook for every industry. We’ll examine your business’ tax liability and develop a plan to help you benefit from the new legislation.    
  • Contingency Planning– This includes avoiding panic and thinking through the right strategy for you to face the ups and downs.
  • Federal Mandate Advisory – As these mandates continue trickling down, they have a significant impact on you and your employees. We’ll help you ease this burden. 
  • M&A Consulting – Market conditions have shifted and will continue to in the coming months. To get the most for your business in a sale, you need to plan in advance to do everything to increase the value, and we can help identify ways to do that.  Is the opportunity right for a merger or acquisition?  Consider your options and what the future may look like – starting with a business valuation. 
  • Navigating Federal Government Resources– We’ll help you understand the programs available – including the Payroll Protection Program (PPP) and Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDL) program – and ensure the proper paperwork is completed.
  • Outsourced Accounting & Outsourced CFO/Controllership – Many need the advice of a seasoned accountant and CFO, but don’t need a full-time employee on their staff or have had to downsize due to COVID-19. Outsourcing your accounting and CFO/Controllership provides you with the benefits and expertise without having to hire someone full-time or go without.  In addition, your outsourced CFO works remotely to get the job done in this unprecedented time. 
  • Outsourced Payroll – Keeping up with payroll legislation is complicated, but even more so in a COVID-19 environment where laws continue to shift the rules. Outsourcing your payroll ensures a team of payroll specialists have your needs covered.