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ABBB Hosted QuickBooks

Adams, Brown, Beran & Ball uses Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 servers to host QuickBooks. This version of Windows is the server equivalent of Windows 7 (the latest version of Windows on the market). To ensure full compatibility you or your IT support staff will need to verify your computer has the latest patches for Windows, the Remote Desktop Connection software, and in some cases at the request of ABBB, your printer drivers.

Determine Your Version of Windows

To begin, you will need to determine what version of Windows you have installed. The two easiest ways to determine this is to click on the Start button or orb, select Run*, and type in winver. A screen should appear similar to the following. The supported versions of Windows are XP (5.1 SP3), Vista, and 7. If you are running Windows XP (Version 5.1) please check the line to make sure that Service Pack 3 is installed.
[small_text]*If Run is not listed you can click on Programs or All Programs, Accessories, then Command Prompt and enter the same commands on this text-based screen.[/small_text]

Determine Your Version of the Remote Desktop Connection Software

Next you will need to determine the version of the Remote Desktop Connection software you have installed. To do this click on Start, then on Run, and type in mstsc. Right click on the program icon in the upper left corner of the program window and click on About. The Shell and Control Versions are generally the same and should be 6.0.6001 or later. If you have a version older than this you will need to upgrade.

Obtaining Upgrades

The easiest and fastest way to upgrade either of these modules is to run your Windows or Microsoft update programs, select, and then install the files. The Service Packs will be listed under Critical Updates and the Remote Desktop Connection software will be listed under the Optional Updates. While generally it is best to install any and all updates security updates released by Microsoft direct links are provided below for these programs.

Download Links


Your IP address is:

https://rdg.abbb.com/RDWeb (RDFarm Web Access)

ABBB RD Farm (External Access)

Creating a Home Desktop Icon

Follow the steps below to create a custom Remote Desktop Connection icon.

  1. Update your Remote Desktop Connection software
    For the best experience you will want to update your system to the latest version of the Remote Desktop Client (formerly known as Terminal Services).Note: Windows 2000 and older and Power MACs are no longer supported. Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (no patch needed), and Mac OS X.
  2. Open the Remote Desktop Connection software under Accessories
  3. Click the Options button to expand the window exposing more options
  4. Click on the General tab and enter the following information:
    Computer: rdfarm.abbb.com
  5. Click on the Display tab and enter the following information:
    Display Configuration: Full Screen (move slider to extreme right)
    Colors: High Color (16 bit)
    uncheck Display the connection bar when I use the full screen
  6. Click on the Local Resources tab and enter the following information:
    Keyboard: On the Remote Computer
    Local Devices and Resources: Check Clipboard and Printers (if desired)
  7. Click on the Experience tab and enter the following information:
    Performance: High-speed broadband (2 Mbps – 10 Mbps)
  8. Click on the Advanced tab and enter the following information:
    Server Authentication: Connect and don’t warn me
    Connect from anywhere: click the settings button
    • Connection Settings: select use these RD Gateway server settings
      Server Name: rdg.abbb.com
      Logon Method: Ask for Password (NTLM)
    • Logon Settings: check use my RD Gateway credentials for the remote computer