TaxCaddy Tips & Resource

  • Instead of using the camera on your smartphone, be sure to use TaxCaddy’s photo-scan feature to take pictures of your documents. TaxCaddy will convert your photos to high-quality PDF images in your account.  It’s best to directly upload PDF documents, especially brokerage 1099s.  You can do this by dragging and dropping the PDF into your account. Here’s what it looks like in the TaxCaddy app on your smartphone.

  • Setting up Smart Links for your government tax documents allows us to receive your tax documents as soon as they’re available. We recommend setting up Smart Links to save you time and expedite the tax filing process.

  • Selecting “Reply With Account” for any requested document is especially helpful for medical expenses and charitable donations and contributions. For your personal records, make sure to keep any written acknowledgement of a contribution of $250 or more from a charity.  For the purpose of preparing your tax return, a summary of all contributions is all that’s needed.  Each individual acknowledgement letter or receipt is not necessary.